Moonbells' gardening pages

Welcome to my gardening and allotment site!

This is a work in constant progress, as I find out more snippets of information. It is organised into several sections, including
links to other allotment diaries and blogs, much bigger and more professional sites I've found useful, suppliers of seeds, bulbs and plants, and a book review page.

I have a small garden and because its not big enough to grow vegetables, since May 2001 Ive had an allotment.  I keep a log of work done and things planted, which hopefully will help others taking on allotments. My allotment diary is here (though I guess I should call it an allotment blog these days!).

I have made it a point to talk to other allotment holders about ways to do things, and it is their methods that I'm going to be putting in this section.

Another section is on questions about what to do when you first get an allotment, and what you can plant which month. Most of this can be gleaned from the diary, though that also has my oopses in it!

Photographs of gardens and shows I have visited will be here.

And a page for my strelitzia reginae saga is here (latest entry in the saga is here).

If anyone has any comments, please feel free to email me at "garden at moonbells dot com" (this is not a clickable email link, to try and fool spambots - please replace at and dots with the correct symbols, and remove the spaces!). Any feedback is welcome - especially if you find this site useful in starting up your own allotment or trying to grow the pesky Birds of Paradise.

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