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Allotment web diaries and blogs (UK-based only)
This is an attempt to get all extant UK allotment blogs in one listing - some sites are more helpful than others and some are rather dodgy: I have NOT attempted to edit them, just to list! Read at your own peril. Comments mine. A lot of them suffer from newbie enthusiasm, and weren´t updated after a few months. Pity - especially the ones with the allotment domain names! I´ve tried to put the current diaries at the top of the list (as of 6th July 2006)

Sites updated in the last month

Beryl and John Saunders                              
Very professional allotmenteers, have a fantastically organised plot. Diary up to date.

Jane Perrone´s blog of her allotment. Very good resource (she also writes for The Guardian newspaper´s 
Newsblog ).

Plots 5 and 29                                             
December 2002 to the present on Wistaston Green Allotments, Crewe
Plot c81                                                      
Anna in Liverpool´s blog. March 21st 2005 onwards.

Anything but sprouts                                    
(I´m with that sentiment!) A London vegetable garden blog.

Mike´s allotment diary                                 
Another long time allotment holder with a blog. Lovely photos (he´s an ex-pro).         

The Accidental Smallholder                         
A Scottish couple´s diary: been going since 1999 and covers a lot of topics including small animals as well as plants.

Allotment Lady                                           
A blog of a large allotment in Norfolk

Our Allotment´s Blog                                  
A Bristol city allotment

The Pellon Allotment Plot                                
Dug´s plot

My Allotments                                           
Steve Partridge´s blog

Allotments4all and Allotmentsnstuff forum folk and their blogs
(usernames in brackets)

Pumpkin Soup                                             
11th Feb 2005 onwards. Another new blog, kept nicely up to date  (newchangeling)

Gillian´s blog
Lovely blog,  another organic grower; I don´t think it´ll stay tiny for long...
I like her commandments (esp no 5!)  (Gillian)

Clive Scoggins´ blog                                     
From October 2004, though he´s had the plot since November 2003. (Speedy Mango)

Mia´s site                                                  (Multiveg).
A vegetable garden diary.

Lottie´s Lottie!                                          
It´s Firry because of a Fir Tree, honest... sometimes Delilah (aka Lilo) writes it too! (Lottie)

Jerry Sanders´ blog                                    
Jerry´s just started this to record his new plot´s development (though already has an older one)
Current up to September´s harvest  (sandersj89)

Emma Kitteridge´s blog                             
Wish I´d thought to call mine Losing the Plot! (ekitteridge)

Jim´s blog                                                 
From May 2005. Stopped at May 2006 but I´m leaving it in `active´ as he got badly vandalised (Allotmanye)

Allotment News                                        
From January 2006 (EJ - Emma Jane)

Dicky´s Farm                                            
From October 2005 (Dicky)

Simon´s Allotment Diary                           
From February 2005 (simon404)

And I hate worms!                                
From November 2005 (Amanda21)

Allotment News                                       
Emma Jane has started a blog! January 2006  (EJ- Emma Jane)

Duck Dinner Dash                                    
From December 2005 (mc55)

Ceratonia - a Garden Diary                        
Veg  and flower gardening in a large garden (Ceratonia)

This and That                                            
Allotments and beekeeping (Robert_Brenchley)

Diaries and blogs which aren´t currently (6.7.06) being updated.

Lou´s Allotment                                         
Now just Lou, as Emma´s sadly moved house. (Fozzylozzy)

Down among the Flowers                          
From March 2006 - a lottie from scratch though she seems to have gone on sabbatical now (bananagirl)

Garden Cadet´s Blog                                 
From Feb 2006 (Garden Cadet)

Summary of 2005 then Jan 2006 onwards though it´s moved site and I don´t have the new link yet (Jesse)

The 21st Century Good Life?                    
From November 2005 (Paranoid Mandroid)

Columbus´s blog                                      
Mostly photos though at present, lots of broken links (Columbus)

Bupster´s blog                                           
Just started up... I love the name! Hopefully she´ll be back soon  (Bupster)

Comfrey Tea Stinks                                  
June and July 2005 so far (Diesel)

Salsify and Scorzonera                                 
Diary and lots of other information based around an allotment in Leeds. A fantastic resource but hasn´t been updated for a few months.
(Gavin). I´m ever so sorry he´s stopped writing, but the info is still there.

Squirrel´s Garden                                       
Another recent allotment convert, started off well but seems to have tailed (sorry!) off.

Friends of the Porter Valley                          
A conservation group near Sheffield who also have an allotment

Needin a new Eden                                      
Rob´s plot in Belfast. Diary been going since January 2005 but he´s had the plot a year longer.          
Up to end August

Allotment Diary                                             
Brief few months of diary but has not been updated since July 2003
Chris Coates' Blog                                       
General blog with allotment snippets within it. The link just goes to those, but you can´t check the dates of entries.

Allotment life diary                                        
A newbie´s plot in Reading.  Hasn´t updated since May 2005.

Another site which was well designed but died off fairly quickly.

Lottie´s allotment site (new)                       
Beautifully designed site, pity only one month´s worth was ever written up!

David Randall                                
Diary only 2002

Pat´s blog                                                
Nothing since the end of February 2005 sadly.

Sprout´s Allotment                                       
Sprout is a newbie to but has not updated since June (mind you, got hitched in August so...)

A group who took on a half plot in October 2001 in Warsash, then another a few months later (sound familiar?)

Plot 44                                                         
- a couple of allotment novices who got their plots in January 2005 and are doing very well so far!

Colin and Sue                                              
No diary, just pictures and explanations of how they did their plot from scratch, together with some great ideas

An interesting read!    Gardening ebook : Ministry of Agriculture Allotment and Garden Guides - 1945
Google has an awful lot of allotment information indexed here and it´s worth a visit.
 There are a lot of us out there!

 Book and magazine Reviews have their own page!

Other gardening help and advice sites: 

Debby´s Garden Links                                 
Paul´s Garden World: