Links to other pages giving information and help about Bird of Paradise (Strelitzia Reginae) plants and growing them.

I´ve tried to give an idea of what worked for me in growing these plants (including forgetting about seeds for over a year!) but other people, judging from the emails I get, have questions I´ve not got the foggiest idea how to answer. Literally all my experience is in the main page. But these web pages might just be able to help out. Some are professional sites, others just people who want to grow them for fun. Compiled and checked links September 2008   List of species. Note that the white ones are huge! I´ve only ever seen them flowering in the greenhouses at Kew...  The Mandela´s Gold form, yellow petals not orange. Previously known as Kirstenbosch Gold. Also tells you how to hand-pollinate.  The main page for Strelitzia on PlantzAfrica    Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew. Nuff said.  Smoke primer disks - which I´ve got two of, but have yet to try out! See next entry for seeds.!ID!  SEEDS!!!! Cheapest I´ve found so far... and legal to export to the EU.