Seed Companies, Nurseries and Bulb suppliers



Major firms, available in garden centres
Mr Fothergills  01638 751 161
An old seed firm, still available in garden centres but not too common now. Large range of varieties.
Unwins (website currently offline)
Another long-established firm. No web ordering, but does give listings of stockists. Cheap and cheerful. Does mail order and are very friendly.
Thompson and Morgan   01473 688 821
First of the Big Two. Wider range, but more expensive, probably to subsidise the greater stocks
Suttons    0870 220 0606
The other one :-) Easiest to find in garden centres so don't bother with mail order unless you want something really obscure.
Dobies  0870 112 3625
Part of Suttons - they definitely have identical catalogues for plug plants

Smaller and more specialist firms
DT Brown 0845 166 2275
This firm sells virtually identical stock to Suttons at about 2/3 of the price.
Vida Verde postal and internet order only as they live in Spain!
Totally organic smallholders who grow heritage varieties and encourage self-sufficiency. They do not grow anything that will not generally come true to saved seed assuming no cross pollination! Priceless.
Marshalls  01945 466 711
Main suppliers for fruit trees, potatoes and other veg. for half the allotmenteers on my site! 
Thomas Etty  020 8466 6785
Heritage seeds. Some things you can´t get anywhere else.
Franchi 020 8930 2516
Italian seeds, huge packets with even huger numbers of seeds in each.
Very good value and the seeds arrive promptly.
Chiltern seeds 
Another small seed company selling rare and unusual varieties. Large online catalogue. No frills site.
Eagle Nursery 01889 270215
Sweet peas. I´m not a competition grower, I just think they cheer up the house. And they smell wonderful.
Owl´s Acre  01775 723284
Yet more Sweet Peas.
Kerton Sweet Peas 01278 683517
And more! I bought Kyle the Clown from here, and they´re lovely raspberry ripple flowers.

Gardener´s Kitchen  01386 871240
This is the firm that grows all those strips of vegetables you buy in garden centres after something´s eaten your own seedlings. They use commercial varieties, but are happy to answer questions on where to get seed!
Diane Sewell sweet peas: 01954 260614 No longer on the web, or at shows.

Alpines and dwarf bulbs. About the only place I´ve ever found anomatheca laxa.